Why I No Longer Create Amazon Affiliate Links

We’ve all seen those Amazon Affiliate links in posts, video descriptions and articles. Some of us click on them, some of us don’t and be honest some of us have gone to our Amazon account and searched for the product simply because we didn’t want to give the link creator the profits. There could be a ton of reason why people do the latter but this is not why I’ve stopped creating affiliate links.

I don’t seem to have the savvy to keep up with the latest technical requirements to keep my affiliate status. I’ve created so many videos, articles and posts trying to promote an affiliate link but for some reason the sales never come or they aren’t being registered. The message I get from the company is too vague for me to understand and frankly I just don’t think the little return is worth the trouble.

I’m not out for profit when I review and promote a product. I just like the product and want to help others solve a problem. But somewhere along the line I found that I could make a little return on my work if I just became an affiliate. Easier said then done. So many people have Amazon accounts, premium etc and I don’t know if those things actually affect whether you as an affiliate get a small commission or not. But what I do know, is every time I set up links and get rejected the link is no longer attached to my account.


And this is a big but! The link still takes you to that product. Where if you purchase that product NO ONE gets that little commission. Not you, not the link affiliate, NO ONE!

So all your hard work still continues to send people to that product and you get nothing. Amazon does allow you to reapply and try again. But you have to replace the links you’ve already created or you get no credit. This is very time consuming and most people won’t update their links and just abandon them. I tend to think Amazon is counting on this. Imagine how many affiliate links are out there that Amazon is no longer paying out for.

So you say, “I thought you weren’t in it for the money!”

No I wasn’t. “Wasn’t” being the key word here. After going through the affiliate link program 3 times, even though I showed I was making sales, the message I got said they couldn’t track where the sales were coming from… ((((Scratching my head))))). So then I got frustrated. When I learned the links still brought people to the product but paid me nothing I became even more frustrated, and even angry. How dare they keep benefiting from my hard work but paying me nothing.

That’s when the light-bulb went off in my head. That’s when I realized I had stopped doing reviews and promoting products I truly believed in purely for the sake of helping others. Now I was in it for the money. Even though I still try to be honest on my reviews and let people know the cons along with the pros, I still worried I was skewing the reviews to talk people into buying.

Good sales are not about snowing people into buying a product they really don’t need! Good sales are solving a problem by matching the right consumer with the right product or service to solve their problem!

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Hi I'm Linda My current occupations are photographer, copywriter and website developer.

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