Achieving Accessibility One Step At a Time!

People with accessibility issues have the same interests as those without.

I’ve been attending the WordPress Accessibility Day 2022. There are only a few more hours left. But don’t worry if you missed it the videos will be available soon on their YouTube channel.

I’ve learned several ways to make sites more accessible, I’ve learned more about the WCAG and the new laws, but what I learned most is that building web accessibility should not be performed in haste with “worthless plugins”. (I say this because most people who rely on screen readers and keyboard navigation will tell you these plug ins only hinder the tools people use to surf the internet.)

*Accessibility should be tackled a little at a time.

*It should be well thought out.

*Accessibility practices should be implemented during every step of the design, build and update of a website.

Most importantly, any one genuine effort to make a site easier for people with disabilities to navigate is worth more than 10 websites installing a plugin simply for the sake of avoiding legal fines or lawsuits.

There’s still a few more hours to the event but the following link will give you access to much more.

Click here to be directed to the event homepage for WordPress Accessibility 2022.

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Hi I'm Linda My current occupations are photographer, copywriter and website developer.

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